Orrin Woodward wins Top Leadership Award!

Orrin Woodward wins Top Leadership Award!

Independent Association of Businesses highlights the following category as the 2011 TOP LEADERSHIP AWARD WINNER!

The IAB Small Business Awards recognizes and awards businesses who achieve both qualitative and quantitave results in their organization. The leadership award is the highest award given among all 10 categories. This award applies to ones own leadership principals and how they help develop and influence successful leaders throughout American businesses.



The criteria for the IAB Awards winners includes,

– Originality of ideas
– Practicality of ideas
– Presentation style
– Testimonials
– Impact of ideas
– Quality of web content, publications and writings
– Ranking of website in America

The 2011 Top Leadership Website Award goes to:

Orrin Woodward : http://www.orrinwoodward.com/

Congratulations Orrin, we are proud to be associated with you!


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