Financial wisdom by Claude Hamilton, co-founder of LIFE

Here is some great wisdom on finances by LIFE founder Claude Hamilton.


LIFE Business Compensation Plan

Claude Hamilton, one of the Founders of LIFE and the new 90 day Mental Fitness Challenge, wrote a blog post on the LIFE Compensation Plan. This is a complete breakdown of the compensation available to business owners of LIFE.  It is mind-blowing to see how successful this has been thanks to a business model that works.

Personally, I have never seen a company do what LIFE has done with compensating communities of people who are looking to improve, help others and make significant positive changes in life. This is truly a purpose with a business wrapped around it vs it being a business with a purpose. There are reasons most business models fail to go from good to great. There’s a reason a good percentage of people never make any money and a reason why most automatically think scam or pyramid, when they come across any business. Its because 90+% of business models make it extremely difficult to prosper. ALL OF THAT HAS CHANGED, based on the LIFE business and the LIFE Compensation Plan . For years now, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have striven to change and fix what was broken in the industry and it took every bit of 18 years of success to bring the LIFE business to us today.  What LIFE is doing, has never been done in business history.

Orrin Woodward is a whistle blower because the facts and the truth are all that matter. The truth is that there are companies and individuals out there in business that refuse to change, who look to line it’s pockets at the expense of others. To get the facts and the truth straight, Dan Hawkins reveals some interesting information about business. Very Interesting indeed.

In my experience, the LIFE Compensation Plan is the best compensation plan out there and the rewards are incredible.  There is no comparison.  All of us get into business to make money.  I can honestly say that for those struggling or looking for more in life, including better finances, you will get way more than you bargained for.   As Orrin and Chris have said, “The LIFE Company was not designed to make a lot of money but to PAY OUT a lot of money”.  Just look at all the testimonies about LIFE. Certainly you will make money but just as I soon realized, LIFE’s mission is to tangibly change a million lives in a positive way.

LIFE focuses on helping people in the areas of their life that matter the most.  If the end result of this business is a better marriage, better Faith life, better finances, becoming a better parent, a better friend, having a better attitude, learning more about business, leadership and having emotional intelligence, plus so much more, then I am all in. The compensation plan is a huge bonus in addition to all that and was genius by design, allowing anyone to prosper and benefit for doing the right thing, which is learn and grow ourselves and helping others.

Many thanks to Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, and the rest of the Policy Council at LIFE, with a special thanks to our business partners Terry Franks and Claude Hamilton.  These amazing men and women of character and integrity are launching a Leadership Revolution and helping tens of thousands  of people live the life they’ve always wanted.

God Bless,


What can the Mental Fitness Challenge do for You?

The Mental Fitness Challenge has been out for 16 days now and it has gone viral. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have hit a home run with this LIFE changing Personal Development Program. It was designed to help educate and change people’s thinking and provide a measurable way to see massive improvements in any of the areas that truly matter in our lives.

After taking a Pre-Self assessment test and establishing a base line of where you are, you embark on a 90 day challenge to learn, grow and get better in any or all areas of our lives. The testimony and feedback so far has been amazing. Claude Hamilton, one of the founders of LIFE and The Mental Fitness Challenge, has posted a lot of this testimony on his blog.

The best investment you can make is in your brain.  A lot of us spend time working out and getting physically fit but not all of us have a plan to get and stay Mentally Fit.  Since the body always follows the mind, this Challenge will radically change your thinking and the results in your life, whether it be a better marriage, becoming a better parent, having better finances, having a stronger faith life, developing closer friends, having a higher purpose or all the above.  There are those who have experienced  a major transformation in the results in their lives.  I am one of them!

Watch the video and take the Challenge here!

God Bless,

Ben and Tanya